Adapting to your new Progressive Lenses requires awareness and some getting used to. Follow these guidelines for a smooth and comfortable transition.

Follow these simple instructions on how to properly use your new Progressive Lenses.

follow instructions

Point your nose in the direction you wish to read or view.


Move this document sideward without turning your head, the print will become less sharp. Then, point your nose in the direction of the document, adjust your chin and the print will drift in focus.


When climbing or going downstairs, initially point your head downward so you could familiarize yourself with how far you are from the steps you need to take.


The upper center portion of your lenses is clear. During your learning period, when you walk or move your head from side to side, you might find objects appearing slightly out of focus. With continued use, you'll get used to focusing your lenses depending on where you wish to look.


Observe your ability to read at all distances by positioning this document at arm's length and slowly pulling it closer to your eyes. Move your head slowly up and down to adjust.

longer learning

Expect a longer learning period if you switch between your new Progressive Lenses and other eyeglasses or contact lenses with older prescriptions.

Personal consultation with your attending doctor regarding details of Progressive Lenses use is highly recommended as each person's eye and viewing behavior is unique.

If you're a first-time wearer of Progressive Lenses, wear your glasses in familiar places first (i.e. home). Work on adding two (2) hours every day when using your new lenses (Monday: 2hrs, Tuesday: 4hrs and so on)

More head movement and less eye movement especially for near distances.

Part of your learning period is to avoid switching your new Progressive Lenses for glasses with older prescriptions; your eyes will easily be trained to find the area of sharpest vision automatically.

If your new progressive lenses still feel uneasy after the Learning Period of approximately one (1) to two (2)